Thursday, November 6, 2008


I have written about my Mom and my Aunt Cheri ... the You Go Genealogy Girls. They aren't exactly girls. Mom has two grandchildren, my 20 year old and my 10 year old. Aunt Cheri has seven grandchildren and one on the way will be number eight. They all are in the same family. She sometimes thinks she's a "real" granny. Whatever that means!

Aunt Cheri recently suggested that they should be renamed You Go Genealogy Grannies. I don't know if that's appropriate either. I wouldn't want to slow them down thinking they are "old" grannies. They really GO, not only physically but mentally. Nothing stops them from pursuing their genealogy.

Mom will visit Aunt Cheri later this week. She is giving her two days to recover from her genealogical research trip to Wyoming. They plan on sitting up their laptops and going non-stop for several days in preparation for their spring trip to Salt Lake City. One thing about them, they don't procrastinate until the last minute.

This month Mom will finish teaching her genealogy class at the local college. She'll also get things ready for the program of the local genealogy society. Sometime along the way, she'll make some plans for Thanksgiving. It's a good thing she keeps a calendar to keep things straight.

I'm not sure about the next journey of the You Go Genealogy Girls. There's a few months between now and May, so who knows where they will end up and what they will be doing. Now I've decided...they are so young at heart, I'm going to continue calling them girls instead of grannies.

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