Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The You Go Genealogy Girls

They are at it again, planning more research trips. They should be planning Thanksgiving and Christmas, instead they are already looking to spring when they will take off on a big trip.

In case you don't know the You Go Genealogy Girls, they are my Mom and Aunt Cheri. They both speak nothing but genealogy-talk. And they really aren't girls. The are grandmothers, but don't tell them they aren't girls. Sometimes they giggle and act like teenagers.

Their big trip 2009 will be to Salt Lake City to use the Family History Library. It will be Aunt Cheri's first trip there. Mom thinks it might be scary just taking her there. The problem is apparently on how to get there. There are various options.

At first they thought about going on Amtrak. That would mean Aunt Cheri driving to Mom's house and then me taking the "two girls" about 70 miles south of here in the middle of the night to get on the train. Same for return home. They both agreed, given their age and night time habits, it would be best to have a sleeping room with toilet and sink. After all, who wants to see an old granny wandering around a train the the middle of the night looking for a toilet?

The next obstacle is that such a sleeping room on Amtrak has a lower and upper sleeping compartment. Now the squabble is on as to which one has to climb the ladder to the top bed. That shows their age! They were delighted to learn that they would have a table that they could set up their laptop computers. Another squabble. Mom uses a Mac and Aunt Cheri uses a PC. While they don't work on the same genealogy, they occasionally compare notes and one wonders why she can't get something to work on her laptop that does on the other.

They are now thinking about driving to Salt Lake City. They will go to my cousin's house in Cheyenne and after visiting him and resting up at least one night, they will go to Salt Lake City. That means they will wait until at least mid-May so the mountain passes in Wyoming are clear. They now think this would be fun as they could stop as they want, they could possibly extend that one week trip on Amtrak to just a little bit more, as long as they still have some money. Coming home, they might even go somewhere else...who knows they might end up in Denver. One reason Aunt Cheri wants Mom to drive them there is because she can load the car with everything imaginable and buy to her heart's content.

When it comes to the You Go Genealogy Girls, anything goes. They dream in living color and compare notes on genealogy and trips by phone and e-mail. It's nice that older people can have so much fun!

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