Thursday, April 24, 2008

The You Go Genealogy Girls

My Mom and my aunt Cheri are referred to as the You Go Genealogy Girls. Actually they are not "girls", but don't tell them I said that. They are both grandmothers. Mom has two grandchildren and Aunt Cheri has seven grandchildren (all one family).

They are heading out next week to see how many graves they can locate in nine days and how much they can learn at the genealogy conference in Lincoln, Nebraska. It's the annual Nebraska State Genealogical Society conference where they will laugh and learn and see old friends and make new ones. From there they will travel south to Topeka, Kansas to see Aunt Cheri's son, his wife and their seven children, ranging in age from 16 to 3.

Their agenda requires them to make stops at various cemeteries here in Nebraska to decorate graves and locate them. They will be Mom's relatives and Aunt Cheri's relatives and probably anybody else that interests them. I am sure they might even find a few in Kansas that catch their eye.

My Mom likes to pack and repack and repack. Last summer she left on vacation for the east coast she packed and then repacked five more times before she got it just right. She is also a shoe-person so I'm sure she'll take at least seven or more pairs of shoes and wear them all while she's gone. There will also be the necessary things to survive such a long trip, such as the laptop computer, iPod and digital camera. They will take maps and books and magazines...anything to keep their mind on the right track.

I am sure they will shop along the way, looking for more books and possibly an antique or two. Since each will have their own suitcases and carrying bag, the laptop, all the adds and ends, that doesn't leave much room in their car for extras. But nobody will tell them that. Packing light is not something familiar to them.

Aunt Cheri drives a mini van which Mom has "lovingly" called the gypsy van. They can load that mini van full of a lot of "stuff". However, this trip they are taking Mom's little red, Dodge neon. Small trunk, but it gets good gas mileage. Before they get home I wouldn't be suprised if they have items strapped on the roof....such as antiques and books.

Y'all look for them heading across Nebraska and then back across Kansas. They will be those You Go Genealogy Girls (grannies) in the little red car that is dragging the ground and barely has overpass clearance because of what's on the top. I am sure they will have oodles of fun to last them until the next trip they conjure up which I have learned will be in May.


  1. You Go Genealogy Girls---we're gone!!!!! Anxiously awaiting the trip. It has just been some recent situations in our family that has allowed Ruby and I to become the "Go Girls". Some good and some bad, but we are here at this place in life now, so here we go! We will make the most of the trip, wish you could come along. The only problem there is you would take up our "extra" room! We can always rent a trailer if necessary. Keep up the good writing. Love, Aunt Cheri

  2. Howdy!
    Your mother is supposed to be coming into the Library to take a couple of boxes with her on her trip. They'll probably be strapped to the roof. Have to have room for all those shoes ya know!
    Make sure she takes the witching sticks.
    I'm sure there will be lots of interesting adventures she'll have and she'll probably have enough stories for a whole program.
    Wish I could go along, I'm due for a good laugh. Plus I'm getting the cemetery fever now that the weather is really good.
    Tell her not to run over any tombstones on this trip.

  3. I'm a shoe person too...I can totally relate...God Bless her!! LOL, I hope they have a blast!